I’m done with Club Penguin

During the last two years, I have not posted on this blog (or any wordpress blog tbh) because I’ve moved to blogger. Also on my blogger I’ve said that I’ve quit club penguin so basically that’s the news. I am 12 at this point, just saying goodbye. I was going to say that earlier but I didn’t have access to my wordpress account. As wordpress is changing, quiet drastically, I will not. My youtube,my reddit and my psn is bluelion1000 if you want to play mincraft, lbp 1 2 or 3 or xenoverse with me.

I’ve moved on, and many have too, I had pressure to quit CP since 2011, I’ve done it in 2014 (like janurary 2014).
Oh and here’s agario’s link if you want to play it.

Here’s a message to blue, I’m out to get you…


Moving blogs

Hey guys im moving blogs to blogger my website is abdul54cpblog.blogspot.ca  but i’ll keep the post here.

Helping Supervideogamebros

Helping Supervideogamebros

My 2nd minty ad

My 2nd minty ad

it says it all in the photo



A cpps called mintycpv2 is coming! I want to support with this picture for costom items

New cpps called Madcpps

hey guys i found a cpps called madcpps link is 



this is the full